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The waters of Long Island Sound and beyond are rich in history and life.  Saltwater anglers can experience a major diversity of habitat and species.  The saltwater season in southern New England is long, so there is plenty of opportunity to chase the major gamefish in the area.  Flyosophy Charters offers custom trips to anglers of various experience, focusing on fly fishing. 



"I’ve fished with Mark many times over the last 10 years - we’re always in fish and it’s always a great time. Captain Dysinger is tops."

Alan Caolo, author of "Sight Fishing for Striped Bass" and "Flyfisherman's Guide to Atlantic Baitfish & Other Food Sources"

"A day with Captain Dysinger is a day you won’t forget.  Not only is he intimately familiar with the waters that he guides on, he is the consummate professional who prides himself on providing an enjoyable experience to his clients.  Captain Dysinger will go out of his way to accommodate his clients' needs and provide the angler with a memorable experience.  Captain Dysinger’s knowledge, expertise and willingness to provide his customers with a great experience make it a no brainer recommending a guide for a day fishing the coast of Connecticut."


Rich Strolis, fly tyer and author of "Catching Shadows: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them"


"It's always a pleasure fishing with Capt. Mark.  He's an excellent captain / guide and even better company.  I'm always impressed with his knowledge of Long Island Sound and never fail to learn something new on each trip.  I highly recommend Capt. Mark for any fly or light tackle angler interested in fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, or False Albacore in the Connecticut or Rhode Island area.  Capt. Mark's passion for fishing is contagious and he has a unique ability to work with both novice and experienced anglers at the highest level."


Evan Peterson, Webmaster/Director at Angler Adventures fishing travel


"The fishing was fantastic, but it wasn't until the ride home that I realized what Captain Mark had actually done.  We had caught stripers off a flat, bluefish and albacore in the rips between islands, and even more bass from deep rocky reefs.  As the tide changed, the Captain had moved us to the most productive areas and throughout the day, he knew this huge area as well as any river guide might know his favorite drift."


Sean Murphy, fly fishing blogger and former editor of Hatches Magazine


"One of the best guide services, hands down."


Stan Calabrese, Connecticut Fly Fisherman's Associaton Vice President


"I've known Captain Mark for at least 15 years.  He is an accomplished fisherman.  He does it all: teaching tying and casting, and catches big fish.  What I like is that he is friendly, humble, and genuinely interested in helping others become successful at fly fishing.  He is also ethical.  He cares about the environment and unlike some guides, would never take people into dangerous situations or on charters if the fishing is poor."


Ted Rzepski, long time fly fishing/tying instructor and conservationist



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